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  • The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was established by the California Institute of Technology in the 1930s.  America's first satellite, Explorer 1, which was launched in 1958, was…
  • Kim Canteenwalla, renowned Canadian chef and winner of the Food Network's 2005 Iron Chef America series, knows good food!  With a culinary career that spans over 25 years, Canteenwalla has established quite…
  • Destined to become a star, French actress Emmanuelle Béart captured the hearts of audiences with her beauty, genuineness, and utter dedication to bringing every character she has…
  • The art of fashion may be as creative as writing a book. Just as a great writer can create a heartbreaking tale from an ordinary act in an ordinary day, a great designer can condense a…
  • Elie Saab… The mere mention of this Lebanese designer’s name evokes images of lavish and sophisticated couture creations, of romantic dresses elaborately accentuated…
  • Deciding to start a family is perhaps one of the biggest decisions a couple can make.  Most couples believe that once they have made the decision to experience this major milestone…
  • Many expectant mothers fall in love with their baby the minute they feel it move, kick or hiccup in their womb.  However, as many a mother has affirmed, this pre-natal feeling…
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